Subscription Overview : Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I don’t purchase a Standard plan?
If your device’s free monitoring period has expired and you do not purchase a Standard plan, your device will have Basic Monitoring and limited access to the web portal. You will no longer be able to perform UPS diagnostic tests or remotely upgrade your UPS firmware via the web portal, any configured email alerts will not be sent for this device, and events will no longer be recorded in the Event Log.
NOTE: If your device is on Basic Monitoring, the UPS will continue to support its connected load. However, new events will no longer be logged to the Event Log and you will not receive email notifications for configured events. You can log into the web portal at any time to view the health and operating status of your Smart-UPS. It is highly recommended you purchase a plan to continue receiving email notifications for critical UPS events such as UPS Low Battery.
What happens if I don’t purchase an Advanced plan?
If you do not purchase an Advanced plan for your device, you will not have access to remote outlet group reboot features. See Control for more information.
I purchased a plan in Schneider Electric Exchange, but the web portal has not updated yet.
Plan changes may take up to 24 hours to update in the web portal.
What’s the difference between purchasing a Standard plan and an extended warranty?
If you purchase a Standard plan for your device, you will avail of the web portal’s features, including receiving email alerts, remotely upgrading your UPS firmware, and performing diagnostic tests on your UPS. An extended warranty protects against product issues beyond the original factory warranty period. You receive additional benefits including Technical Support for device-related queries, expedited shipping of UPS and parts, and free return shipping for used parts.
It is recommended you purchase an extended warranty over a Standard plan as this offers UPS protection and covers the cost of repair or replacement of the UPS, and replacement of the UPS batteries.