Subscription Overview
Subscription Overview
EcoStruxure™ Ready Smart-UPS™ provides free remote UPS monitoring for all new devices. Free remote monitoring for your device is activated for the duration of your UPS warranty once your device is correctly registered on the web portal.
Devices with lead-acid batteries have 3 years free monitoring (SMC/SMT/SMX).
Devices with lithium-ion batteries have 5 years free monitoring (SCL/SMTL/SRTL).
The Subscription Overview page in the secure web portal provides an overview of all your connected devices, including their plan status and expiry date. When your device’s UPS Warranty expires, your device will have Basic Monitoring and limited access to the web portal. You will no longer receive email notifications for this device, events will no longer be recorded in the Event Log, and you can no longer perform UPS diagnostic tests or remotely upgrade your UPS firmware. To reactivate full access to the web portal, you can purchase a Standard plan. For additional web portal features, you can purchase an Advanced plan.
The Subscription Overview page in the web portal is not visible to all customers. These changes are part of a phased rollout. To find out more and enable subscription plans for your device(s), contact
If you purchase an extended warranty or an Advanced plan for your device, the Standard features are also included.
You cannot remotely upgrade your UPS firmware if you do not have an active Standard or Advanced plan. However, firmware upgrades can still be initiated locally if indicated on your device’s LCD display. For more information, see Firmware Upgrade.