Troubleshooting : UPS Firmware Upgrade Issues : Upgrade Error - Upgrade could not be completed
Upgrade Error - Upgrade could not be completed
The firmware upgrade was initiated, but could not be completed. The firmware version remains out of date. To troubleshoot this issue:
1 . Check the UPS Status for Critical or Warning level UPS events. See UPS Events for information on how to resolve a Critical or Warning level UPS event.
2 . Check the UPS display for a UPS state that may affect UPS firmware upgrade completion. See Check UPS State - UPS state is not compatible with firmware upgrade for more information on UPS states that prevent firmware upgrade completion.
If the UPS is in a state that permits firmware upgrade, run the firmware upgrade again. If the firmware upgrade does not complete, it may be necessary to use the Firmware Upgrade Wizard to upgrade the Firmware of the UPS. See Knowledge Base article FA164737 on the APC website for more information on the Firmware Upgrade Wizard, or contact APC Customer Support.