Troubleshooting : UPS Firmware Upgrade Issues
UPS Firmware Upgrade Issues
Check UPS State - UPS state is not compatible with firmware upgrade
The UPS is not in a state that permits firmware upgrade. Visit the UPS Status page and check the Operating Mode and Battery of the UPS, and ensure no blocking Operating Modes are present (for example, AVR). If no blocking Operating Modes are shown in the UPS Status page, check via the UPS LCD.
To upgrade the UPS firmware:
The input power to the UPS must be stable, and within the thresholds of High and Low output voltage. These values are configurable via PowerChute Business Edition, or via the UPS LCD. See the UPS Operation Manual for options on configuring Low and High output voltage values, available via the web portal, or on the APC website.
The battery must be connected to the UPS. See the Installation Guide of your UPS to troubleshoot connecting the UPS battery, available on the APC website.
There must be no Critical or Warning level UPS events in progress (e.g. UPS On Battery, UPS Overload, Battery Disconnected or Battery: High Temperature etc.). Site Wiring Fault is an exception to this rule; UPS firmware can be upgraded in the presence of a Site Wiring Fault.
Network communications between Schneider Electric cloud services and the UPS must be established, active and stable. See Troubleshooting the UPS Connection to the Cloud to troubleshoot connectivity issues.
The UPS output power cannot have a pending state change. For example, the following would prevent a firmware upgrade commencing:
A command to restart the UPS via the UPS display
An active UPS shutdown sequence
Active Load Shedding
In any of these cases, turn off the UPS at the display before initiating a firmware upgrade.
If firmware upgrade with output power off is required by the UPS model, turn the UPS output power off at the UPS display.
Once the UPS status that prevented firmware upgrade is resolved, click on View Upgrade on the UPS Status page to initiate and install firmware upgrade.
NOTE: For UPS models with a SmartConnect port, firmware upgrade can also be initiated via the UPS display.