Troubleshooting : UPS Registration Issues : Product Code Registration
Product Code Registration
I cannot find my Product Codes
The product codes include the Product ID and Product Key, and are located on the UPS label:
Someone has already registered my UPS to their account
See Register Error - UPS is already registered to another account
The web portal cannot find the UPS device
The Product ID or Key is not recognized by the web portal, or the UPS is not connected to Schneider Electric cloud services:
Check that you have entered the Product ID and Key correctly.
See Troubleshooting the UPS Connection to the Cloud > EcoStruxure™ Ready Smart-UPS™ Device Types to troubleshoot connectivity issues.
If the UPS is connected to Schneider Electric cloud services, and the Product codes are entered correctly, contact APC Customer Support.
NOTE: Ensure that 4-5 minutes have elapsed after you have connected your SmartConnect-compatible UPS before attempting to register your device.