Firmware Upgrade : How to Upgrade
How to Upgrade
Firmware upgrades are automatically made available for your UPS via the Schneider Electric Cloud. When a new firmware version is available for your device, APC™ Schneider Electric cloud services notifies you via an email Notification that the firmware version is out of date. When you log in to the secure web portal, the Dashboard lets you know that your UPS firmware is ready to be upgraded:
1 . When you are notified that your UPS firmware is out of date, go to the Dashboard, and click View UPS next to the UPS with a status description of “UPS Firmware Version Out of Date”.
If you use PowerChute to manage the shutdown of your UPS, see UPS Firmware Upgrade Issues > Lost Communication and PowerChute for important recommendations on the use of PowerChute with the web portal.
2 . In the UPS Status page, click the Active Events banner to expand the events, and click View Upgrade next to the UPS Firmware Version Out of Date event.
3 . Depending on the model of your UPS, UPS output power may need to be turned off before the firmware can be upgraded. The secure web portal will tell you how to proceed:
Output Power On
The UPS output power does not need to be turned off before the upgrade is initiated, or turned on again once the upgrade is complete. The power supply from the UPS to connected devices is maintained during the firmware upgrade, and the UPS provides only surge protection to connected devices - the AVR and battery protection features of the UPS are not available during firmware upgrade.
If there are variations in the stability of the input power to the UPS during the upgrade, for example power outages, or low/high voltage conditions, the firmware upgrade will complete successfully, but the power supplied from the UPS battery to connected devices will be interrupted:
To avoid loss of power to connected devices in the event of a input power stability variation (e.g. a power outage, or a low voltage or high voltage condition), gracefully shut down and turn off power to devices connected to the UPS before initiating a UPS firmware upgrade.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in equipment damage, and data loss.
If you have concerns regarding the stability of the input power to the UPS before performing the upgrade, gracefully shut down the devices connected to the UPS, and perform the firmware upgrade with Output Power Off.
Output Power Off
The UPS output power must be turned off before the upgrade is initiated, and turned on again once the upgrade is complete.If you upgrade the UPS firmware with the output power turned off, the power supply from the UPS to connected devices is not supported during the upgrade. Use PowerChute Business Edition or PowerChute Network Shutdown to gracefully shut down connected devices, or manually shut down connected devices. Turn off the power to the UPS at the UPS LCD display.
NOTE: If there are any Critical or Warning level active events on the UPS, a firmware upgrade cannot be initiated. Resolve the active events to initiate a firmware upgrade. Site Wiring Fault is an exception to this rule; UPS firmware can be upgraded in the presence of a Site Wiring Fault.
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3 . Click Run Upgrade to initiate the firmware upgrade.
4 . The firmware upgrade progress is indicated on the Firmware page. You can close this page, or navigate to view other UPS devices without affecting the firmware upgrade, which completes in the background. The upgrade can take 5-10 minutes, and network communications with the UPS are interrupted during the upgrade. For certain UPS models, you can also view the progress of the firmware upgrade on the UPS LCD display.

NOTE: Firmware upgrades for SRTL UPS devices can take up to 40 minutes to complete. When an upgrade is initiated, the UPS enters User Initiated Bypass mode and communications may be temporarily lost during the upgrade. When the upgrade is completed, the UPS will Return from Bypass.
5 . When the firmware upgrade is successfully completed, the new firmware version is displayed in the Device section of the UPS Status page, and the UPS Firmware Version Out of Date status is cleared. A UPS Firmware Version Up to Date event is recorded in the event log.

: If your UPS requires Output Power Off during firmware upgrade, it is necessary to turn the UPS output power on again using the LCD display, following firmware upgrade completion.
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