Firmware Upgrade
Firmware Upgrade
Why Upgrade?
UPS firmware upgrades provide feature enhancements, performance improvements, and security updates for your UPS. The secure web portal will notify you when a firmware upgrade is available for your UPS, and you can initiate a remote firmware upgrade on your UPS directly from the web portal.
The Dashboard view in the web portal will indicate which devices are ready for remote firmware upgrade. Navigate from the UPS Status page to the dedicated Firmware Upgrade page on the web portal to remotely start the upgrade on your UPS.
NOTE: Devices that do not have an active Standard or Advanced plan cannot be remotely upgraded via the web portal. These devices can be upgraded locally by starting the firmware installation from the UPS LCD when the character/icon display indicates a device is ready to be upgraded. For more information, see Subscription Overview.
Refer to your UPS manual for the firmware-related UPS character/icon display indicators, and for more information on how to start the upgrade locally.
If there is no indicator on the web portal or your UPS device’s LCD display, you can also upgrade your UPS firmware using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard. See the APC website for more information.