UPS Monitoring : UPS Warranty Extension
UPS Warranty Extension
Each APC UPS is shipped with a Factory Warranty. The web portal notifies you when the factory warranty expiration date draws near (see Warranty Expires on [date]). APC provides a warranty extension option for your UPS:
Warranty extension covers the cost of repair or replacement of the UPS, and replacement of the UPS Batteries.
It provides a 24/7 Toll-free customer support line, expedited shipping of UPS and parts, and free return shipping for used parts.
Select a 1-year warranty extension for a low cost option, or a 3-year extension for the best value option. Warranty options are selected by the model of your UPS. See Select your warranty for more information.
If configured, your reseller will be notified when your UPS warranty is due to expire. For more information, see Renewal Support.