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UPS Shutdown
Severity: Informational
The UPS is shutting down due to one of the following external events:
The option to turn the UPS Off with Delay has been selected via the UPS LCD.
PowerChute Network Shutdown or PowerChute Business Edition has issued a command to shut down the UPS.
The UPS has Load Shedding configured to shut down outlet groups during an on battery event or in response to an overload, and the Master Outlet Group has turned off.
The UPS has received a command to shut down via the Network Management Card (NMC) Web User Interface, Command Line Interface, or via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
If the UPS is managed by PowerChute Business Edition or PowerChute Network Shutdown, and if a shutdown sequence is configured, PowerChute will gracefully shut down devices connected to the UPS. See the PowerChute Business Edition or PowerChute Network Shutdown User Guide available on the APC website for more information on configuring a Shutdown Sequence.
If your UPS is not managed by PowerChute, the output power from the UPS to the connected devices is turned off, and devices connected to the UPS are not shut down gracefully. To prevent this, configure a shutdown sequence using PowerChute.