UPS Monitoring : UPS Events : UPS Overload
UPS Overload
Severity: Critical
The UPS cannot supply enough power to support the number or capacity of devices connected to the UPS.
If the overload event has occurred following the addition of a new device connected to the UPS, the UPS cannot support the new load. Connect the new device to another UPS, or visit or your reseller partner to purchase a UPS model that can support the increased load.
If the overload was not caused by connecting new loads to the UPS:
Run a UPS self test to see if the event clears.
If the self test is passed and the overload still exists, gracefully shut down the devices connected to the UPS, and restart the UPS.
If the problem persists, disconnect all equipment from the UPS, restart the UPS and run a self test.
If the overload persists, contact APC Customer Support.
If the overload has cleared, reconnect and turn on devices one at a time to determine which device caused the overload condition.