UPS Monitoring : UPS Events : Battery: Temperature Threshold Exceeded
Battery: Temperature Threshold Exceeded
Severity: Critical
Immediate attention is required. The UPS internal battery temperature is too high and the battery may be damaged due to excess heat.
NOTE: The UPS load is not supported during this Battery Temperature event. In the event of a power outage, connected devices will not be supported by the UPS battery, and will not be shut down gracefully.
Follow the instructions in the UPS Installation Guide to immediately inspect the UPS battery.
If the UPS battery is not swollen, or hot to the touch:
a. Promptly disconnect the battery from the UPS.
b. Contact APC Customer Support to obtain a replacement battery.
If the UPS battery has swollen due to excess heat and cannot be disconnected or removed from the UPS:
a. Gracefully shut down and disconnect devices connected to the UPS.
b. Turn off the UPS and disconnect input power to the UPS.
c. Contact APC Customer Support for further guidance.