UPS Monitoring : UPS Events : Battery: High Temperature
Battery: High Temperature
Severity: Critical
The web portal has detected that the UPS battery temperature is too high. This temperature event can be caused by a high temperature at the UPS installation site, or as an early notification of an impending battery issue. Battery lifespan is impacted by the operating temperature of the battery. The optimum operating temperature for a lead-acid battery is 25º Celsius/ 77º Fahrenheit.
Take immediate steps to reduce the internal temperature of the UPS:
Make sure that the UPS is installed in a cool, dry location. Check that the ambient temperature of the UPS installation site does not exceed 24º Celsius/ 75º Fahrenheit.
Make sure that the UPS vents are not blocked, and allow a minimum of 2 inches of space around the UPS for ventilation.
Disconnect all devices from the UPS, turn off the UPS, and cool the battery to less than 45º Celsius/ 113º Fahrenheit to clear the event. To check the temperature of the UPS, see Temperature.
Turn on the UPS and run a self test. If the self test does not pass, a replacement battery may be required.
Continued operation under this condition may result in a more critical condition. If the event persists, contact APC Customer Support for further guidance.