UPS Monitoring : UPS Events
UPS Events
Event Types
UPS Events that have occurred within the past 30 days are logged to the Event Log. Each event has an associated severity:
Critical: An event that requires immediate attention. The load connected to the UPS may not be supported in the event of a power outage. Examples include Battery Disconnected and UPS Overload.
Warning: An event that requires attention. Examples include UPS On Battery and User Initiated Bypass.
Informational: An event that does not require attention; for informational purposes only. Examples include Communications Established and Battery Replaced.
Lifecycle Event
Certain events relating to the life of the UPS Battery, UPS firmware or UPS Warranty are defined as Lifecycle Events. The web portal includes lifecycle events in the minimum Notifications, to keep you informed.
You can filter the events by severity, and use the search box to search by Time, UPS Name, and Event Name. The UPS events shown in the Event Log are described next.
Index of Events
Event Severity
Event Name