UPS Monitoring : UPS Status : Control
This section allows you to remotely reboot your UPS device’s outlet groups to assist with equipment troubleshooting.
This feature is not available to all customers. To find out more and get early access, contact
To access and use this feature, you must have the following:
An active Advanced subscription for your UPS device. See Subscription Overview for more information.
Two-factor authentication enabled for your account. See My Profile.
SmartConnect access enabled on your Smart-UPS. This can be manually enabled via the UPS device’s LCD screen. For more information, consult your UPS manual. Your UPS manual can be viewed in the Documents section in the UPS Status page.
If you do not have an Advanced subscription, the Control section will display a grayed-out image of a Smart-UPS device’s outlet groups. If you have purchased a subscription but you do not have two-factor authentication or SmartConnect access enabled, the image will not be interactable.
When you meet the Prerequisites, the Control section displays an image of your Smart-UPS device’s outlet groups: Main Outlet Group and Switched Outlet Group(s). The Outlet Map button displays a diagram of the back of your UPS and outlet group layout. Click the Edit button to open the Edit Details dialog where you can provide a name and description for your outlet group(s).
The Main Outlet Group cannot be turned off on its own. The Reboot All button will remotely reboot all of your UPS device’s outlets in the Main Outlet Group and Switched Outlet Group(s).
Switched Outlet Groups can only be turned on if the Main Outlet Group is on.
You cannot remotely reboot your device’s outlet groups if one or more of its outlets are switched off.
Individual outlets cannot be controlled. They can only be controlled as part of their outlet groups.
Outlet group names are stored in the EcoStruxure™ Ready Smart-UPS™ web portal and not written to the UPS. If you have named your outlet group(s) via the UPS LCD or other applications (e.g. PowerChute Business Edition, Network Management Card), the provided name(s) will not appear in the web portal.
Click the Reboot All button to remotely reboot all of your UPS device’s outlets in the Main Outlet Group and Switched Outlet Group(s). Click the Reboot Group 1 button to reboot the outlets in your UPS device’s Switched Outlet Group. NOTE: The button name will vary depending on the configured Outlet Group Name. A confirmation dialog will appear before the reboot is initiated.
Once a reboot is initiated, the web portal will display a progress bar, the estimated time remaining, and the current reboot step: Initiating reboot, Reboot in progress, and Confirming reboot.
Reboot Results:
Unsuccessful: The reboot could not be completed at this time. For example, EcoStruxure™ Ready Smart-UPS™ could not contact the UPS or the UPS rejected the reboot request. If there is already a reboot in progress, the new reboot request will be unsuccessful.
Completed: The reboot was completed successfully.