UPS Monitoring : UPS Status : Operating Mode
Operating Mode
Operating mode describes the current operating state of the UPS, which may require attention. The states are indicated by color:
Red indicates a Critical state.
Yellow indicates a Warning state.
Blue indicates an Informational state.
Green indicates a normal UPS state.
On Line
Estimated Runtime
The UPS is connected to utility power, the battery is charging, and the UPS is operating normally. The estimated runtime is the number of minutes the connected devices (load) can be supported by the UPS battery in the event of a power outage.
Not Applicable
Device Health Critical
A critical health event is occurring. See Battery and UPS Events.
Not Applicable
On Battery
Estimated Runtime
Input utility power is interrupted, and the UPS is supporting its load on battery. The estimated runtime is the number of minutes the load can be supported by the UPS on battery. See also: Battery
Runtime Calibration Initiated
The UPS is performing a battery calibration to determine an accurate reading of battery runtime available. The calibration is initiated from PowerChute Business Edition, or via the UPS LCD. See Knowledge Base article FA284198 on the APC website for more information on runtime calibration. See Runtime Calibration Initiated, UPS On Battery
Low Battery
Estimated Runtime
The UPS operating on battery has reached the Low Battery Threshold, which is configured via the UPS LCD or via PowerChute Business Edition or Network Shutdown. If the UPS runtime remaining falls below the Low Battery threshold, and if input power is not restored to the UPS, it will shut down when the battery has exhausted. See UPS Events > UPS Low Battery
UPS Initiated Bypass
The UPS is reporting an internal hardware issue that has caused the UPS to switch to bypass operation. See UPS Events > UPS Initiated Bypass.
User Initiated Bypass
A user has placed the UPS into bypass mode, which allows maintenance to be performed without turning off utility power to the UPS. See UPS Events > User Initiated Bypass.
NOTE: This option is not available for all UPS models.
Output Power Turned Off
The UPS output is turned off, and is no longer supporting any connected devices. See UPS Events > UPS Output Power Turned Off.