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Product Codes
You can register your SmartConnect-compatible UPS with your account by entering the Product ID and Product Key located on the label attached to your UPS.
NOTE: Please allow 4-5 minutes after you connect your SmartConnect-compatible UPS before attempting to register your device.
1 . Log in to your Schneider Electric account at If you do not have a Schneider Electric account, see Sign Up.
2 . Go to Add UPS and select Product Codes.
3 . Enter the Product ID – a 12-digit alphanumeric ID shown on the UPS label.
4 . Enter the Product Key – a 14-digit alphanumeric key shown on the UPS label.
5 . Click Register UPS to proceed.
6 . On the UPS Profile page, provide the UPS Name, UPS Description, Timezone and Notifications for the UPS. Click Save Profile. For more information on Notifications, see Notifications.
7 . On the Renewal Support page, you have the option to enter an email address for your Reseller to notify them of important UPS lifecycle events. To complete UPS Registration, enter an email address and click Update Settings, or click Skip. For more information, see Renewal Support.
See UPS Registration Issues for Product Code registration troubleshooting.